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Over Thirty-five Years Serving the Northwest with Integrity.                                 Phone: (206) 362-4800

"Collection services help all of us.  They help credit grantors by collecting funds that are due them; debtors from all income groups by helping them to make payment plans and maintain their good credit ratings; and consumers by helping to hold down the costs of goods and services"

List your bad debt accounts with NCS and we will send you...

Northwestern Collection Service, Inc. (NCS) has been successfully providing  collection services for 35 years.  NCS has a true desire to provide their clients and community with quality services so that all may succeed.

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NCS has a distinctive goal to not only provide the best possible collection service at a competitive rate, but to also provide employees an environment that encourages personal growth that will draw to NCS the best talent in the industry. NCS will become a premier agency and be a positive influence to the community.

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Selecting an agency

Choosing a professional collection service to collect your delinquent accounts receivable requires careful consideration. The decision involves more than simply awarding your business to the lowest bidder, as the quality of service you use will affect both your bottom line and your public image. Also, getting the most from using a collection firm requires mutual operation and good communication.



NCS Located at: 13500 Lakecity Way, #202 - Seattle - WA - 98125
Phone: 206-362-4800      FAX: 206-362-1286

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Last modified: May 5, 2010